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About This Class

Some part of you has known all along. It just seems like you are more and have more than what you have been experiencing. You already believe you can have more energy and more clarity to turn things around. We can’t wait to show you where it has been hiding.

The things that may have held you back won’t be able to withstand our Re-Wire. Our two-day intensive will give you back what you have always known is yours. Clarity and freedom are just two days away. Your mind and your future belong to you. Let us help you take them back.

In our time together you will, change the way your mind works, break the power of the past, re-discover the you that you long for and take steps to change your world.

Bob and Polly Hamp are the owners of Think Differently Counseling and the hosts of Think Differently Academy. They both find great joy in helping people re-connect to their truest self.

Bob is a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist and he and Polly are both Think Differently Coaches.

Their style forms a perfect complement as they design and deliver strategies for helping p...

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